It was the year 1977-78 and by then Dr. Mitchell Valdés had already made much progress in psychophysiological experimentation using MEDICID-1 and MEDICID-2 as reported in other articles, even using cats as experimental subjects.

Then he is visited by Dr. Erwin, who had managed to create a vervet monkey business on the island of Saint Kitts. It is important to clarify that the vervet monkeys, brought to Saint Kitts by the conquerors from Africa, are compatible with man in many respects so that they can then be used as experimental subjects as they come from Africa precisely, since the monkeys of the American continent are not that cpmpatible.

Then Dr. Erwin, very interested in Dr. Mitchell and his work, decided to give him 80 vervet monkeys from his colony in Saint Kitts, on the condition that we had to find and transport them ourselves.

Mitchell, who has always been very willing to find solutions to problems, got a ship that made a commercial crossing through the Caribbean to take care of the transfer of the monkeys, and for all the necessary procedures he enrolled himself as the ship's doctor.

Well, they made the trip, and when they arrive at the destination port, at night, who says that in the lifting and moving of the cages with monkeys one falls into the water, with monkeys and everything. Then Mitchell, as "fast and furious" jumps into the water to "save" the monkey.

The sailors seeing this report by radio "Come quickly to the rescue of a doctor and a monkey in the water" to which the port responds: Are you crazy? What is that "a doctor and a monkey to the water"?

Luckily the port paid attention and carried out the rescue, happily!

I hope you smile with "A doctor and a monkey to the water".

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.

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