In other articles I have commented that in 1972 I was studying Pure Mathematics and I  coincide with Dr. Pedro Valdés (Peter, as everyone knows him) that he was continuing his studies in Mathematics to increase his working capacities in Neurosciences.

We became good friends, we studied together in the University Park, in the Classrooms, in the Library, until one day he told me: "Tomorrow, Saturday, I'll wait for you at my house to continue."

Saturday comes, I go to Peter's house, I ring the bell, and as soon as I see that the door opens for me I start talking "what if X, what if Y, what if the Integrals, what the Derivatives, that the exercise was not correct in the book ", etc., etc., etc. ...

After more than five minutes the one in front of me turns back and says "Peter, here they are looking for you" and I am speechless, astonished, if the one in front of me was Peter!

As it turns out, ¡I didn't know that Peter has a Twin brother named Mitchell!.

In those years they were, as they say, "identical", and it took some time for me to be able to differentiate them well.

I can only imagine the "mischief and tricks" that those twins must have done in the schools and centers where they studied ...

Well, and so was my first encounter with the one who over the years would become a brilliant researcher and director of the Center for Neuroscience.

Thanks for your attention,

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.

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