I had the joy of meeting Manchita. I had never had dogs, as a child only a cat.

Manchita came to us by chance. A friend of my daughter found her alone on the street, and despite the fact that for several days she made her visible in front of her house, no one claimed her. Well, my daughter stayed with her.

At first I was little at home, spending time with my daughter, either in ballet classes or in her apartment. Later on, my daughter is hired abroad, and leaves us looking after La Manchita.

What a cute and sweet dog! At the beginning of my daughter picking her up she trembled because of everything, she was afraid, but little by little she came to understand that with us she had a safe family that was incapable of punishing her and less hitting her when she was ever "done" inside the house. The first time she did "that" to us, she hid under a bed, and when I took it out and with a lot of affection I deposited it "in her box" she looked at us with a face that I will never forget.

She won the affection of neighbors and of how many people visited the house, even when over time when she knew herself as the "owner of the house" because she barked to warn that someone was behind the door, she immediately moved the mocho that was her tail and made caress by the visitor.

A cruel disease took her, despite all our efforts, from friends, veterinarians, and treatments. My wife is devastated. La Manchita was so integrated into us! At every step I remember her, I close my eyes and see her, with her cute and grateful little face. The house seems empty at times. It never affected anything or anyone. It was a cute dog.

Now I understand those who also mourn the so-called "companion animals" because rather they are and will be part of every family that has been lucky enough to have a "Manchita".

Wherever you are, Manchita, you are also in all of our hearts.

Thank you very much for living and thank you very much for having met you.

Octavio Baez Hidalgo.

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